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  • Stone Wall WS

    A Legacy That Endures

    A Legacy that Endures Introduction: Though the wise writer of Ecclesiastes 7 says “A good name is better than ointment; and the day of one’s death is greater than the day of one’s birth”, it must be said that many Biblical characters seemed to follow …

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  • Mother Consoling Daughter WS

    Dealing with People in Pain

    People In Pain: Things You Should Know About God and Trouble  Probably the hardest life experience for any religious belief system to address is the existence of “natural injustice” – the problem of pain in the life of one that seems innocent. The Bible grapples …

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  • Detoursign WS

    Four ways to avoid a "second best" life

    Keep things in God’s Order: If you put the needs of your spouse, job or child above a hungry desire for time with the Lord, you are living a “second best” life. Stick to a plan: It doesn’t matter if the issue is whether to …

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  • Bellyflop WS

    1 Kings 9 (2): The Belly Flop of Compromise

    Elegantly poised on the edge of the rippling water, the scene was a familiar summer fun selection. Would the next move be a smooth and sleek dive in with barely a ripple to follow? Would he take a few dramatic steps away from the water and jump …

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  • Church In Window

    Titus: Building a Church that Honors God

    The “Pastoral Epistles” offer a window into the first century church, as well as a great architectural diagram of how the body was to be built from the foundation up. This study includes some word studies at the end that leaders in the local church …

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  • Plantgrowth

    Organizational Growth and Nature

    Sitting in a meeting the other day a group of ministry staffers were discussing how to help a struggling small church in a large city environment. Years ago that church grew to thousands. Now it was downtown to a sprawling city, in the heart of …

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  • Petra WS

    Obadiah: Reasons Why Nations Fail

    Edom (from the word for ground or red in Hebrew) was a red-colored mountainous region with rock carved cities (now in the Kingdom of Jordan), where camel caravan traffic brought delicacies from the east to the west. They had a mixed history we should remember …

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  • Board Meeting WS

    Exodus 24 Learning the Value of the Community of Leaders

    Following the Amalekite war, Moses went through the painful but profitable experience of correction by Jethro, his father-in-law. Moses placed himself in a position of unrealistic expectation, trying to accomplish more than anyone could expect – a mistake common to driven leaders. The result was …

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  • Prayer WS

    Exodus 17:8-14 Learning the Power of Intercession

    Out of the story of the Amalekite attack in Exodus 17 came the first of seven great training lessons to the “Chief in the making” – Joshua. Moses faced a tough situation, and Joshua watched the solution unfold. He was able to pick out what …

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  • Questions WS

    Acts 1: Questions to Pose before following a New Leader

    Religious leaders often claim they are following God’s leading. How can we know? How does God lead people today? How can we know it isn’t just the manipulation of some leaders, or the misguided sense of some group that we may follow? As we begin …

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