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  • Hope On The Move

    Second Chances: “The Move to Hope” – Ezra 10

    Read the magazines and blogs on ministry today, and you will get a steady dose of two ideas: First, the church has not shown enough love to the world in the way we have reflected Jesus to them; and second, the western world is increasingly offended …

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  • Lincoln Memorial

    Second Chances: “In the Shadow of Greatness” – Ezra 7

    There are few icons as well known in America as the homely, etched face of the contemplating former sixteenth President of the United States. Every day, scores of Americans stand at a memorial and look carefully at the face of a man who used to …

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  • I35 Bridge Collapse

    Second Chances: “Choose to Renew” – Ezra 6:19-22

    Just after 6:05 p.m. on Wednesday, August 1, 2007, all eight lanes of the Interstate 35W Bridge over the Mississippi River in Minneapolis collapsed, killing thirteen people, and injuring fifty others. A school bus returning from a Day camp field trip to a water park, …

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  • Eye Storm

    Second Chances: “In the Eye of the Storm” – Ezra 5 and 6

    “Stay inside!” he shouted as she emerged from the root cellar. “Pull the door closed and don’t come out until I return and tell you it is safe!” She was afraid. There was no way she could sit and wait through the long night without …

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  • Expect Delays

    Second Chances: “Delay of Game!” – Ezra 4:5-5:1

    Our lives are lived on many levels at the same time. If I am watching you approach a little child, I can see the surface of the physical life – and try to “read” your mood or temperament. If you are walking with a certain …

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  • Counter Attack Against

    Second Chances: “Anticipating Counter Attacks” – Ezra 3:1-4:5

    West Point is a demanding place – but because of the nature of what it instructs – it MUST be. The United States Military Academy is a four-year academy located on scenic grounds overlooking the Hudson River, fifty or so miles north of New York …

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  • Team Building Real Estate Agents Qualities

    Second Chances: “Team Play” – Ezra 2

    If you have been paying any attention to American football at all, you are likely aware that “Fantasy Football” has really caught on around the US. It is essentially a statistical game in which players “compete” against each other by managing groups of real players …

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  • I Blew It Large

    Second Chances: “A Fresh Start” – Ezra 1

    Since all of us regularly “blow it” in moves in our life, even in some critical areas, we tend to like the idea of second chances. Let’s face it: we all have made mistakes that made a recovery necessary. Whether your mistake was not following …

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