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  • Chios WS

    Places in Acts – Chios – Acts 20:15

     The island of Chios (in the Aegean Sea) is only five miles (8 km.) off the western Turkish coast south of the island of Lesbos. The island measures near thirty kilometers in length (north to south), and varies between ten and twenty kilometers in width. It …

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  • DALE004

    Places in Acts – Cenchrea – Acts 18:18; Rom. 16:1

    Cenchrea was visited by Paul and his companions after nearly eighteen months of ministry in Corinth, during the Second Mission Journey. The city was a small port located more than two miles south of Isthmia and about six miles east of Corinth. It was constructed along …

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  • Funer3

    Places in Acts – Berea – Acts 17:10,13; 20:4

    My daughter (about ten years ago!) explored Berea with dad. Berea   Acts 17:10,13; 20:4   The city of Berea (modern Veria) was founded in the Archaic Period in the southwestern part of Macedonia, some 73 km west of Thessalonica. Ruins extend to 700 BCE …

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  • AthensAcrop3

    Places in Acts – Athens – Acts 17:15-34

    Athens   Neolithic remains (5000 B.C.) have been found showing that the area was inhabited well before the 6th century B.C.  The name Athens stems from the goddess Athena and the focal point is the Acropolis. While other parts of the ancient Greek world rose …

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  • Places in Acts – Appolonia – Acts 17:1

    Paul and Silas passed through the small village of Apollonia on their way to Thessalonica, and may have lodged there. There is no evidence from Scripture that they preached or ministered there, as they seemed intent on moving directly to Thessalonica. The village of Apollonia in Macedonia was located …

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  • Places in Acts – Amphipolis – Acts 17:1

    Paul passed by the supply-city of Amphipolis on his Second Missionary journey on his way to Thessalonica from Philippi. Some scholars pose the possibility that Paul lodged overnight there as part of a three-stage journey from Philippi to Thessalonica, but the text is not specific on this point. …

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  • Paul WS

    Detailed Life of Paul Chart

    I posted the summary chart on the stages in Paul’s life, but here is a much more detailed treatment that I use touring the Bible lands: Students have found this very helpful as it takes the journeys of Paul and puts all the ports of …

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  • St. Paul Statue WS

    Chart: Six Stages in the Life of Paul

    The  document below  is a file that overviews Paul’s life. I use it with students to walk quickly through his life – especially when I am on tour in Turkey, Greece, Cyprus and Italy. The document is my own creation, and I have found single …

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  • The Book Of Acts.JPG WS

    Understanding the Book of Acts (1)

    A student and former participant in one of the cruise programs we offer studying “The Life and Journeys of St. Paul” requested some of the materials that we hand out, so I am offering them in document files. I normally post in pdfs, but I …

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  • Bethpage (Bethphage) Essential Guide Notes

    Bethpage (Bethphage) Matthew 21:1;Mark 11:1;Luke 19:29 Bethpage (lit. “house of green figs” in Aramaic), is a village atop a spur on the southern section of the Mount of Olives chain. Due south east of the peak of the Ascension church memorials (there are three today), …

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