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  • Bridges

    God on the Move: The Letter to Philemon

    Bridges are important. If you have ever lived in a place where the bridge was necessary to access the rest of the world – you know that is true. For a number of years my parents lived (while my wife and I were overseas) on …

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  • Broken1

    Broken Believers: "Repairing the Breach" – The Letter of Philemon

    One of the realities of our modern world is that we see broken relationships EVERYWHERE in our society. Obviously, our first thoughts go toward the myriad of divorced couples that have become all too common in our lives. People speak of marriage highly, but many …

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  • Arguing WS1

    Philemon: When two believers can't get along

    It isn’t always easy, this thing we call the Body of Christ. The church is well described with the old ditty Chuck Swindoll used to quote: “To dwell above with saint we love, oh that will be glory. To dwell below with saints we know, …

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