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  • Manwithquestion WS

    1 Kings 2: What is a "Real Man"? Leadership and Masculinity

    The Truth About Men: “God’s purpose and plan for masculinity”   Solomon was called upon by his dying father to “show himself a man”. What does that mean? Is masculinity a cultural value? Can we determine what God wanted men to essentially be like? Solomon …

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  • Laughing Senior Couple WS

    1 Kings 8: The Fulfilled Life "The Secret Passion of the Intimate"

    I sat next to them at a banquet. They smiled often but said little, even to each other. I tried, without being noticed, to observe the two of them together. They had the reputation of being the happiest senior couple ever! They glanced to each other, smiled, …

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  • Blind Person With Cane WS

    1 Kings 10: The Danger Zone

    The Fulfilled Life: “The Danger Zone” The man was clearly blind, with a cane in hand and a dog in tow. I got more and more nervous the closer he came to the edge of the cliff. He walked up to it as though he …

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  • ReadingFinePrint WS

    1 Kings 9 (1): Read The Fine Print!

    “But YOU PROMISED!” she said from the back seat of the car. Every parent has heard it before! In every agreement there are the claims and promises. In some there is the “fine print”; you know, the part that is so small you need a magnifying glass …

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  • Bellyflop WS

    1 Kings 9 (2): The Belly Flop of Compromise

    Elegantly poised on the edge of the rippling water, the scene was a familiar summer fun selection. Would the next move be a smooth and sleek dive in with barely a ripple to follow? Would he take a few dramatic steps away from the water and jump …

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