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  • Syrup2

    God on the Move: “The Syrup Principle” – The Epistle of Galatians

    Have you ever tried to push something uphill that couldn’t get traction and rolled back on you? Years ago a heavy snow storm hit Jerusalem, and I had the wonderful privilege of driving up the slope of the west side of Mount Zion toward the …

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  • Christmas Family Time

    “The Family Assembled” – Galatians 6

    Most of us truly enjoy being together with our family at the holiday season – but apparently we don’t represent all of modern American society. I searched the blogosphere a few days back, and apparently, the family gatherings of a significant number of Americans are …

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  • Overwhelming Power

    “The Overwhelming Power” – Galatians 5:14-26

    When you went out on the road this morning you probably didn’t observe some things in the world is around you that have a PROFOUND EFFECT on your day. On my drive each morning, I see neighbors walking their dogs (and a few dogs walking …

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  • Freedom

    “Finding Freedom” – Galatians 5:1-13

    What does it REALLY mean to be FREE? The flag of the United States of America has been for generations a symbol of freedom all over the world. Its vibrant colors signify a land where a small group of men realized their dream for a …

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  • Christmas At Disney

    The Calendar Myth – Galatians 4

    Tis the season to be Jolly! I love the sound of that! Holiday…doesn’t that simple WORD make you feel good? The word is a contraction of two old English terms – “holy” and “day”. It was a term to denote a special remembrance or celebration, …

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  • Broken Marriage

    The Replacement Myth – Galatians 3

    The other day a box arrived at our front door. The days of anticipation were over, as the long awaited replacement espresso machine was carefully exposed to the light of our dining room lamp. We were thrilled! The machine it replaced was a good one, …

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  • Antinomian

    Dispelling Myths of the Gospel in Galatians 2

    To anyone studying modern American trends, the story of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and the Puritan controversies will probably sound like a strange history of an entirely different people, but those struggling colonists are a vital part of our own history. They came to America …

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  • Myths1

    Dispelling Twelve Myths about the Gospel – Galatians 1 (Pt.1 of 6)

    Very few movies can begin in the middle of the story, but Star Wars did just that. I was in High School when the “Jedi knights” were first heard of on our planet. The words “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..” …

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  • Galatians WS

    The Galatian Epistle

    For those who have trouble following the line of thought of a rather complex argument Paul made to the church at Galatia, this teaching may help. One of the best ways to think of the letters is as just that – someone’s mail. This short …

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