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  • David Barton

    David Barton on the US Capitol's history

    My thanks to Nancy Gardner for sharing this, I found it moving:

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  • Tel Megiddo WS

    From Tel Megiddo: The Bird’s Eye View of History

    Standing atop the mound of Tel Megiddo, a sweeping view of the largest valley of the ancient Biblical landscape in Israel opens as an unforgettable vista for any visitor to the land. The grain fields and cotton plants rooted in this rich soil of the …

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  • Mt Zion WS

    Where is Mount Zion?

    Originally, the term referred to the small community of Jebusites attacked by the forces of King David (2 Sam. 5-7) and established as the second capital of the Davidic Kingdom. The term ZION, like many of the names of places around the Jebusite city had …

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