Detailed Life of Paul Chart

I posted the summary chart on the stages in Paul’s life, but here is a much more detailed treatment that I use touring the Bible lands:

Students have found this very helpful as it takes the journeys of Paul and puts all the ports of call in order, as well as the important events of each part of the Book of Acts.

Six Stages in the Life of Paul the Apostle



Stages in the Life of Paul

Major Events in Paul’s Travels

Saul the Persecutor

Early Life to First Journey  (5-45 CE) Stephen stoned (Acts 7:54-60)

Paul the Preacher

Acts 13:1-14:28

First Missionary Journey (45-47 CE)Syrian AntiochSeleucia

Salamis, Cyprus

Paphos, Cyprus


Pisidian Antioch




Back through Lystra, Derbe, Iconium,

Pisidian Antioch (2nd visit)


In Antioch (48-49 CE)

Travels in Central Turkey:Saul & Josef (Barnabas) chosen: Acts 13:1-3Set sail for Cyprus

Preached in synagogues (Acts: 13:5)

Elymas-sorcerer blinded; Sergius Paulus belives

John departs to Jerusalem

Jews upset: Gentile response: Paul sick (Gal 4:13 ff)

Flee to Iconium, preach a while – flee from  Iconium!

Heals lame; stoned: left for dead; got up and left!

Some response (Acts 14:20 ff)

Ordained elders; fasted, prayed for churches.

Passed through Pisidian region.

Set sail: (for sufferings cp. 2 Tim. 3:10, 11)

Report to church., remained “long time” (14:25 ff)

Paul the


The Jerusalem Council (50 CE) Acts 15:1-35 (visit #3) Paul to carry letter from Council (Acts 15:23-29) to Antioch, then Central Turkey.


Paul the


Acts 15:36-18:23

Second Missionary Journey (51-54 CE)Syrian AntiochThrough Syria and Cilicia (Tarsus?)




Pisidian Antioch



Philippi (cp. 1 Thess. 2:2, Phil. 1:30)



Thessalonica (cp. Paul at work 1 Th. 2:9)



Corinth (abt. 1 1/2 yrs: Acts 18:1-18)



Caesarea Maritima

Jerusalem (visit #4)

In Antioch (54 CE)

From SE to NW Turkey, Machedonia, AchaiaDispute with Peter (Gal 2:11 ff) Barnabas seperatePaul chooses Silas

Letter presented

Timothy circumcised and joins Paul and Silas

Letter presented (Acts 16:4)

Letter presented (Acts 16:4)

Macedonian vision (Acts 16:6-11)

Via Samothrace sailed into Neapolis port.

Lydia, demoniac girl, jail, earthquake, jailer saved.

Passed trough – no synagogue.

Passed trough – no synagogue.

Jason (Paul’s host) arrested; Paul sent away (PM)

Good reception: Thess. Jews followed with trouble.

Paul at Areopagus preaching (Acts 17:16-34)

Paul before Gallio, consul of Achaia

Paul shaves head & completes vow. (Acts 18:18)

In synagogue, good reception, leaves for Jerusalem.

Lands and journeys back to Jerusalem for feast.

Salutes church, leaves for Antioch (18:22)


Visited some time, left for next journey.

Paul the Discipler

Acts 18:23-21:16

Third Missionary Journey  (54-58 CE)Through Cilicia (Tarsus?) Galatia, Derbe, Lystra, Iconium, P. AntiochEphesus (3 yrs., Acts 19)


Neapolis, Philippi, Amphipolis

Apollonia, Thessalonica, Berea & west Corinth, Cenchrea (3 months, Acts 20:1)



Troas (cp. Acts 20:7-11)








Ptolemais (Acco)

At Jerusalem (visit #5 / final: 58 CE)

Central and Western Turkey, Macedonia, AchaiaPaul travelling through to all the churches; Apollos at Ephesus during Paul’s brief journeyDemetrius the silversmith starts a riot (19:22-41)

Departs for Macedonia (depart port not named)

Preaching and collection for Jerusalem church (2 Cor. 8 )

Progresses even into Illyricum (Rom 15:19f).

Ministered to church, tried to get back to Antioch.

By land through Macedonia to port near Philippi.

Sailed five days to Troas (Pesach season)

Stayed 7 days, spoke to believers, Eutychus falls.

Paul rejoins boat (he walked from Troas)

Stops off, will pass by Ephesus to Miletus.

Address to Ephesian elders, departs for Jerusalem.

Harbored amidst journey home.

Harbored amidst journey home.

Found ship bound for Phoenician coast.

Bypassed Cyprus and stayed south to Phoenicia.

Saluted believers, 1 day. Agabus’ prophecy.


Paul seized in Temple (Acts 21)

Paul the Prisoner

Imprisoned: Bound for Rome (58-61 CE)Acts 21:16-31 Paul before Felix, Festus & Agrippa (Acts 24-26)Paul then journeys as a prisoner to Rome.
First Roman Captivity (61-63 CE)Acts 28:16-31
Between Captivities (64-66 CE) Visits include: Macedonia, Asia Minor, Achaia.
Second Roman Captivity  (67-68 CE)Ends in Paul’s death