Four ways to avoid a "second best" life

  1. Keep things in God’s Order: If you put the needs of your spouse, job or child above a hungry desire for time with the Lord, you are living a “second best” life.

  2. Stick to a plan: It doesn’t matter if the issue is whether to open email before reading a chapter of your book to your child or taking a call instead of cutting the lawn, we have to take control of our own schedules. If we don’t plan the day and work the plan, we are sure to live a “second best” life, filled with regret of the things unfinished. When I don’t control my day, others do – and that is frustrating!

  3. Learn the joy of something new: We get as stale as moldy bread when we just sit. Even if “sitting” looks like a busy life with a lot of work, same old equals drained old. Look at all the flavors and choose a new one. Pick from the other panel of the menu. Learn something new. It’ll keep you from a “second best” life.

  4. Learn the fundamentals of your life: We don’t have to do everything well, but we do need to be competent with the core skills of our lives. If I focus on doing what I do well, I remove any doubt in the minds of those around me that I am serious about what I am doing. I excel because I am deliberate about what I am doing. I avoid a “second best” life.