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    Team Hack #6: Free Software (2) Organizing Pictures

    I have a gazillion digital pictures. Each trip i ask my students to send me their pictures, so I get a trip times thirteen or fourteen = photo memory overload. Whether it is for a team project (producing a newsletter, webpage) or just a photo …

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    Team Hack #5: Free Software on the Web! (1)

    There is an abundance of free software (shareware) out on the web. Some of it teams need to operate smoothly. In these hacks, I will try to survey some of it that I have found helpful. There are many blogs that do this well, but …

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    Team Hack#4: Working Together on Notes and Documents

    Something remarkable is happening in the team working world. The software framework of our lives is shifting beneath our feet. Yes, Bill Gates is retiring from Microsoft operations, but something even more profound is shifting… More people are using “Team software” or collaboration software. What’s …

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    Team Hack #3: Organizing Your Life

    Because my life includes a substantial amount of travel, I have learned some things about hotel rooms. I know that Orlando is still the best dollar for value city anywhere, with rooms in palatial buildings costing me $60-75 a night (thank the Lord for priceline …

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    Team Hack #2: Preparing for You 2.0

    It may seem a bit self serving to have a blog talk about blogs. Yet, I truly believe that this hack will be particularly helpful to my students. Get your own domain and begin a blog that becomes the “digital YOU”. There are some several …

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    Team Hack #1: Communication requires some rules

     Email has turned out to be the greatest tool of communication in many team efforts that I know of. At the same time, most managers and leaders find that there are a number of hacks that new team members need to know in order to …

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    Leadership Lessons Distilled

    As I continue to round out this site with things that I want my students to understand about both the Scriptures and life, I thought it was time to add another category or channel to The Wandering Shepherd. I am calling this category of articles …

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    1 Kings 2: What is a "Real Man"? Leadership and Masculinity

    The Truth About Men: “God’s purpose and plan for masculinity”   Solomon was called upon by his dying father to “show himself a man”. What does that mean? Is masculinity a cultural value? Can we determine what God wanted men to essentially be like? Solomon …

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    The Making of a Leader: The Call of Moses

    Leadership seems to be the subject of much of the Biblical narrative surrounding Moses. The beginning of his leadership was shaped by his “call” to the place in history he was to fulfill. If you are interested in the process of becoming a leader, Watch …

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    What are "Deacons" in the Bible?

    DEACONS & DEACONESSES Anyone who studies administrative service in the New Testament as it pertains to the local Church will become aware quite quickly that the Scriptures relate much information concerning the character of the individual seeking an office in the church. What seems to …

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