Leadership Lessons Distilled

As I continue to round out this site with things that I want my students to understand about both the Scriptures and life, I thought it was time to add another category or channel to The Wandering Shepherd. I am calling this category of articles “Team Hacks” in the classic blog tradition of life hackers, etc. A “hacker” is not simply a term for some subversive youth that seeks to break into the computers of the corporate in some sneaky Green Peace activity. A hacker is one who finds a solution to a problem, a key to access something closed before. A hacker is a problem solver. A “hack” is a solution.

I am convinced that we are living in a time desperate for problem solvers. I was standing in the Orlando Airport a short time ago. A young couple was standing near me at the beltway where we all awaited our incoming luggage. As the luggage came along the belt, one piece had obviously broken open. I watched as the couple began to discern that the loose articles of clothing coming down the beltway were, in fact, their clothes! The young man turned to his wife and began immediately to raise his voice, “I told you that suitcase wouldn’t make the journey!” She replied, “Did you put the strap on the case like I told you?” What ensured was an embarrassing and loud argument. Even the door guard began to pay attention.

What shocked me was not the argument. They were young, and they were both embarrassed. Yet, while they raised their voices at each other, neither collected the clumps of clothing strewn across the beltway. About thirty feet beyond the arguing couple, there she was, an elderly woman, seemingly unconnected to the loud couple, collecting the loose articles into a pile atop the broken luggage.

I moved closer as I heard someone say, “Ma’am, are these things yours?” “No!” she replied, “But they look too busy to take care of the problem!” I chuckled at her answer.

We can look for someone to blame because working together isn’t always easy, or we can look for a “hack” for the team – a solution to the trouble that keeps us from pressing ahead. Today, we are surrounded by issues that seemingly defy answers. Yet, I serve the Creator hacker, and He already knows a way to make things work. Moreover, I serve with a number of colleagues that I believe are master hackers in all things team. This category will address a few of the scraps I pick up along their trail…