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  • Abraham Hagar WS

    Genesis 16:1-16 Helping Out God

    Introduction: God made promises four times to Abraham, and then delayed in fulfilling them. Anxious to have her husband experience all that God had promised, Sarah steps in – and Abraham accepts her plan. Abraham had a full knowledge of the promises of God – …

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  • Callingofabram WS

    Genesis 15: When God Cut a Deal

    Introduction: God met Abraham a fourth time, and each time God added to the promises He made. Emptying Promise: The first meeting was in Genesis 12:1-3, when God told Abram to move out to a country God would show him, and that God would make …

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  • Reaching Out WS

    Genesis 14:1-24 Reaching Out With a Generous Heart

    Last time we saw how God blessed Abraham’s generosity. Today we will see his heart in action and how God used it for a testimony! The Problem: The uninformed choice Lot made for a home was based on beauty – but was a choice that …

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  • Heartlights WS

    Genesis 13:2-18 Secrets of a Generous Heart

    Introduction: Abraham learned to receive God’s blessings, and he learned how to “turn off the valve” of the blessings. Had he learned the secret to blessing others? Secret #1: Know the Source of Generosity (13:2-4) Abraham’s generous heart was rooted in the knowledge of his …

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  • Fallingdownhill WS

    Genesis 12:9-13:3 How to Kill Blessing

    Introduction: God’s desire was that Abraham, as a believer in a lost world, would spread blessing to lost men (cp. 12:3). His sojourn into Egypt was NOT a blessing to the lost – it was a curse. How did Abraham kill the spread of God’s …

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  • Genesis 12:1-8 Five Steps to Blessing

    Step One: “Get out of thy country”: Be ready for a “trust exchange”. God’s promises always come at the same price – Trade what you see for what you cannot, based solely on my Word! (12:1). Step Two: “I will”: Understand the source of the …

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  • Bread Loaf WS

    Exodus 15-17: The God Who Provides

    God sometimes shows Himself in the most unlikely places to make a simple point to His followers – there have never been “God-forsaken” places or people. The stage for this lesson in Scripture was set amidst a brewing conflict with the desert tribal people called …

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  • Desertpath WS

    Finally, the Journey Begins

    Life gets more and more complicated. I have had to make a real effort at trying to slow down and take stock in all that is happening. I broke my ankle in three places on April 5th, and still can’t walk after surgery and a …

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