Jonah 1: Finding God's Best For You

God has a divine purpose for struggle in the life of a disobedient believer. We can heed the example of a model, or we can pass through the painful process. The only ways we learn are by experience or example. Jonah modeled for us nine important principles to finding God’s best:

  1. Will Disclosed (1- 2) – Principle: God makes His will known when we follow Him.

  2. Way Declined (3) – Principle: We must understand that God’s will is a choice, not coercion.

  3. Wind Developed (4) – Principle: God often disrupts our lives as a way to get our attention, not to hurt or punish us. We must take heed early!

  4. Wares Destroyed (5) – Principle: Those around us are affected by our disobedience, for God deals with the believers as a testimony to all. Choosing to walk away from God endangers others.

  5. Wayward Disturbed: (6) – Principle: God may call upon you to be a testimony even when you are walking in disobedience. This is designed to bring you back to Him!

  6. Wayward Disclosed (7-10) – Principle: In the absence of the knowledge of the love of God and relationship with God, people respond only in fear of the power of God. Even in judgment, God reveals our relationship.

  7. Wayward Disposed (11-15a) – Principle: We cannot “rescue” another from their personal responsibility to follow God. When they know what must be done to reconcile the relationship, we should not attempt another path.

  8. Watchers Delivered (15b-16) Principle: God desires to use a believer in obedience, but He can and will use the testimony of disobedience to reach some.

  9. Wrong-doer Detained (17) Principle: Sometimes the best thing that can happen to us is a time of waiting and reconsidering our way. God sometimes prepares detours to help us settle down and recount where we have been.

At the end of the day, we can heed the example and avoid the painful experience of needing to “detour” our lives!