Great Commission Bible Institute Year 4 About to Begin!

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Great Commission Bible Institute Year 4 About to Begin!

Please pray! We accept only up to 12 students per year. It is intense. We want to invite the right students. Pray also for Cameron and Sarah Beth Sandel, who have moved into the Site Coordinator’s apartment across from the dorms. They are doing well, but will have alot of adjustments to make!

We begin a new year with 100 3-hour classes to cover 66 books! It will bot be easy, but it can be done. Students are expected to do alot of reading and Bible marking, but they are also active in making disciples by going into five local school every week to make friends and develop relationships in cooperation with the great staff of Youth for Christ of Highlands County. For more information on this program, check out the website at and keep us in prayer!


  1. Sally S. Howard
    Sally S. Howard07-15-2008

    Where may I click on your website to find out more about the Great Commission Bible Institute? About the possibility of enrolling? Thank you and God bless. I will pray for you!
    Deuteronomy 5:29

  2. Jess

    oh yay!! I love the new logo – who made it?

  3. Randy Smith
    Randy Smith07-27-2008

    The new logo was by Sarah Sandel, one of the new site coordinators at GCBI. She is incredibly creative!