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  • Church In Window

    Titus: Building a Church that Honors God

    The “Pastoral Epistles” offer a window into the first century church, as well as a great architectural diagram of how the body was to be built from the foundation up. This study includes some word studies at the end that leaders in the local church …

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  • Plantgrowth

    Organizational Growth and Nature

    Sitting in a meeting the other day a group of ministry staffers were discussing how to help a struggling small church in a large city environment. Years ago that church grew to thousands. Now it was downtown to a sprawling city, in the heart of …

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  • Galatians WS

    The Galatian Epistle

    For those who have trouble following the line of thought of a rather complex argument Paul made to the church at Galatia, this teaching may help. One of the best ways to think of the letters is as just that – someone’s mail. This short …

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  • Airplane WS

    Travel Cheaper to Europe in British Air sale!!

    British Airways just posted their new cheaper fares to Europe with $281 one way to two dozen European cities! If you want a quality flight at a cheaper price, go direct to their website an read the offer carefully. See if it works for your …

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  • Antiqitycenter WS

    Explorations in Antiquity Center

    My friends at Biblical Resources in Jerusalem have moved all of the former exhibit strengths they had in Jerusalem to the new “Explorations in Antiquity Center” in LaGrange, Georgia. No one interested in the cultural world of the Bible would want to miss the opportunity …

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  • Marriage2 WS

    1 Corinthians 7: Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage

    Who doesn’t ask about this topic? I have two small studies packed with Scripture that I have been teaching for a number of years that I hope adds a bit to the discussion on this vital topic! The first study is from the Hebrew Scriptures …

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  • Daniel Lions WS

    Studies in the Book of Daniel

    My students will recognize these notes, as they are the complete set of 37 pages of notes as I teach through Daniel in class each year. Here they are complete with the illustrations. My earnest hope is for Bible teachers and Pastors to find these …

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  • Unleavnedbread WS

    Leviticus 23: The Feasts of The Lord

    How do the feasts that God commanded Israel to observe relate to me today? Well, the most prominent way has to do with the timeless truths and principles that each feast reveal concerning the nature of our Heavenly Father, and what He cares about. The …

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  • Microscope WS

    Is the Bible scientifically credible?

    Many of my students come from schools that have bathed them in the idea that the Bible is not scientifically credible. The notion that one can trust the Bible must come from “redneck Bible belt preachers” and now you are in school where you can …

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  • Repentnace WS

    Joel 1: When Repentance is Required

    Did you ever sit with someone that had a relationship with God, but was clearly not walking with the Lord? Did you ever want to help someone see that it was time to turn back and “come home”? The first chapter of Joel offers principles …

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