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  • Repentnace WS

    Joel 1: When Repentance is Required

    Did you ever sit with someone that had a relationship with God, but was clearly not walking with the Lord? Did you ever want to help someone see that it was time to turn back and “come home”? The first chapter of Joel offers principles …

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  • Haggai WS

    Haggai – Outline Study Notes

    The final trilogy of Old Testament prophets is known as the “Postexilic Prophets” (Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi) because they address their messages to the returnees in Jerusalem following the Babylonian exile. The people wasted no time beginning to restore their beloved temple – but delays and distraction soon …

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  • Bride Running Away WS

    Hosea Teaching Notes

    Students ask me to send them study notes all the time. Here is all my teaching through the exciting book of Hosea. These notes are designed to help you study with your Bible open, verse by verse. Let me know if anything is unclear! Understanding …

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  • Jonah Shore

    Principle Approach Studies in the Book of Jonah

    OK, so I am new at blogging! I was trying to put my teaching notes on the web for my students, and finally someone let me know a faster way to do it! I can put the outlines in pdf format and make them instantly …

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  • Oldcar WS

    Jonah 2: I Can Be Restored!

    When you have walked away from God’s best for you, there is a way back to total restoration in your walk with God. Jonah offers a model of restoration in four stages: 1. The classroom of repentance (vv. 1-3). Principle: Recognize it doesn’t matter where …

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  • Findapp WS

    Jonah 1: Finding God's Best For You

    God has a divine purpose for struggle in the life of a disobedient believer. We can heed the example of a model, or we can pass through the painful process. The only ways we learn are by experience or example. Jonah modeled for us nine …

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  • Petra WS

    Obadiah: Reasons Why Nations Fail

    Edom (from the word for ground or red in Hebrew) was a red-colored mountainous region with rock carved cities (now in the Kingdom of Jordan), where camel caravan traffic brought delicacies from the east to the west. They had a mixed history we should remember …

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  • Board Meeting WS

    Exodus 24 Learning the Value of the Community of Leaders

    Following the Amalekite war, Moses went through the painful but profitable experience of correction by Jethro, his father-in-law. Moses placed himself in a position of unrealistic expectation, trying to accomplish more than anyone could expect – a mistake common to driven leaders. The result was …

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  • Prayer WS

    Exodus 17:8-14 Learning the Power of Intercession

    Out of the story of the Amalekite attack in Exodus 17 came the first of seven great training lessons to the “Chief in the making” – Joshua. Moses faced a tough situation, and Joshua watched the solution unfold. He was able to pick out what …

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  • Gcbilogogreen WS

    Great Commission Bible Institute Year 4 About to Begin!

    Please pray! We accept only up to 12 students per year. It is intense. We want to invite the right students. Pray also for Cameron and Sarah Beth Sandel, who have moved into the Site Coordinator’s apartment across from the dorms. They are doing well, …

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