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  • Manwithquestion WS

    1 Kings 2: What is a "Real Man"? Leadership and Masculinity

    The Truth About Men: “God’s purpose and plan for masculinity”   Solomon was called upon by his dying father to “show himself a man”. What does that mean? Is masculinity a cultural value? Can we determine what God wanted men to essentially be like? Solomon …

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  • Burning Bush WS

    The Making of a Leader: The Call of Moses

    Leadership seems to be the subject of much of the Biblical narrative surrounding Moses. The beginning of his leadership was shaped by his “call” to the place in history he was to fulfill. If you are interested in the process of becoming a leader, Watch …

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  • Jordan River WS

    Baptism in the Time of Jesus

    One of the issues that seems to divide the church is the form of baptism. The practice stems from the Hebrew understanding from the period between Malachi and Matthew. Because the methods of baptism varied very early, it is important that we understand what the …

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  • Nazareth WS

    Growing up with Jesus in Nazareth

    One of the more fun subjects we deal with in the “Life of Jesus” and “Journey Through the Bible” study programs in Israel is that of “How Jesus grew up”. Standing in Nazareth a few months ago, we filmed a DVD that deals with that …

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  • Questionmark4 WS

    What are "Deacons" in the Bible?

    DEACONS & DEACONESSES Anyone who studies administrative service in the New Testament as it pertains to the local Church will become aware quite quickly that the Scriptures relate much information concerning the character of the individual seeking an office in the church. What seems to …

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  • Stone Wall WS

    A Legacy That Endures

    A Legacy that Endures Introduction: Though the wise writer of Ecclesiastes 7 says “A good name is better than ointment; and the day of one’s death is greater than the day of one’s birth”, it must be said that many Biblical characters seemed to follow …

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  • Mother Consoling Daughter WS

    Dealing with People in Pain

    People In Pain: Things You Should Know About God and Trouble  Probably the hardest life experience for any religious belief system to address is the existence of “natural injustice” – the problem of pain in the life of one that seems innocent. The Bible grapples …

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  • Laughing Senior Couple WS

    1 Kings 8: The Fulfilled Life "The Secret Passion of the Intimate"

    I sat next to them at a banquet. They smiled often but said little, even to each other. I tried, without being noticed, to observe the two of them together. They had the reputation of being the happiest senior couple ever! They glanced to each other, smiled, …

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  • Blind Person With Cane WS

    1 Kings 10: The Danger Zone

    The Fulfilled Life: “The Danger Zone” The man was clearly blind, with a cane in hand and a dog in tow. I got more and more nervous the closer he came to the edge of the cliff. He walked up to it as though he …

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  • Detoursign WS

    Four ways to avoid a "second best" life

    Keep things in God’s Order: If you put the needs of your spouse, job or child above a hungry desire for time with the Lord, you are living a “second best” life. Stick to a plan: It doesn’t matter if the issue is whether to …

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