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  • Leadership WS

    Team Hack #13: Three essentials for team leaders

    J. Richard Chase was recently quoted in an article I read as saying: “Aristotle is credited with the concept that leadership requires character, competency and concern for others.” The short but important saying is helpful for all team leaders. In essence, there are three areas we must focus …

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  • Places in Acts – Appolonia – Acts 17:1

    Paul and Silas passed through the small village of Apollonia on their way to Thessalonica, and may have lodged there. There is no evidence from Scripture that they preached or ministered there, as they seemed intent on moving directly to Thessalonica. The village of Apollonia in Macedonia was located …

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  • Acts3 WS

    Commentary: Acts 3 and 4

    Chapter Three and Four Outline: I. Witness in Jerusalem (Acts 1-7) <A-F in Chapters One and Two>  G. An Astounding Healing (3:1-11) H. Assembly at theTemple(3:12-26) I. Anxious Leaders ofJudea(4:1-22) J. Awesome Prayer and Power (4:23-37) Summary: The new “Messianics” were becoming known in Jerusalem, and …

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  • Places in Acts – Amphipolis – Acts 17:1

    Paul passed by the supply-city of Amphipolis on his Second Missionary journey on his way to Thessalonica from Philippi. Some scholars pose the possibility that Paul lodged overnight there as part of a three-stage journey from Philippi to Thessalonica, but the text is not specific on this point. …

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  • Greek Writing WS1

    Free New Testament Research Website for NT Greek

    A Pastor friend of mine shared a site with me that I just began playing around with. The site is for students that have a basic knowledge of NT Greek (koine) and want to do word studies or searches. The site is and is …

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  • Pentecost WS

    Commentary: Acts 2

    Chapter Two Outline: I. Witness in Jerusalem(Acts 1-7) <A-C in Chapter One> D. Appearance of the Holy Spirit (2:1-13) E. Assembly with Peter (2:14-40) F. A New Fellowship (2:41-47) Summary [Chapter 2]: A short time later on the day of Pentecost, the disciples were together inJerusalempraying …

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  • Ascension By Copley WS

    Commentary: Acts 1

    Randy’s Bible Commentary Notes on Acts chapter one: Chapter One Outline: I. Witness in Jerusalem (Acts 1-7) A. Introduction (1:1-3) B. Ascension of Messiah (1:4-11) C. Appointment of Matthias (1:12-26) Summary [Chapter One]: This second letter written to Theophilus continues the story of the spread of …

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  • Treeplant WS

    Titus: Planting a Church that Honors God

    One of the last letter written by the Apostle Paul was the short epistle to Titus. The mission church planter Titus probably came to Jesus during the preaching and teaching ministry of Paul (Titus 1:4), and became his disciple shortly after. Titus accompanied Paul to …

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  • Tools

    Hack #12: Keep the Tools Working Well

    I worked with a number of really good men in my career. One of the most helpful was a man I was with for only a few days during my summer job at Mobil Oil in the refinery in New Jersey. He was an older …

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  • Scroll2 WS

    Seven Types of Literature in the Bible

    The Bible is not a single document, though it has a single Spiritual authorship. If we think of it more as the library of God’s instructions on a life that pleases Him, we come closer to the intent of the Author and His various writing helpers. If the …

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