Great News for Great Commission Bible Institute in Sebring, Florida!

24The number of credits a student can receive in Bible if they transfer after their year at GCBI to Grace College in Winona Lake, IN is TWENTY FOUR! Considering credits at GCBI are TUITION FREE, this can mean a HUGE SAVINGS for a student that wishes to go on and complete a Bachelor’s degree at Grace. How thankful we are to have the acknowledgement of our program from a quality school like Grace. Here is what you can get…

Since all the courses are Bible or Bible-related, the credit is only available to students either majoring in Biblical Studies (42 hour major) or Bible (30 hour major). This includes the following 8 classes…These courses are Gen Ed and required for all Grace College students):

  • BIB 1050 Exploring the Bible
  • BIB 2010 Scripture and Interpretation
  • BIB 3300 Essential Doctrinal Themes

(These courses are part of the Biblical Studies and Bible majors):

  • BIB 2010 Understanding the Old Testament
  • BIB 2020 Understanding the New Testament
  • BBL 3140 Biblical Backgrounds
  • BIB 3290 NT Bible Exposition
  • BIB OT Bible Exposition

This would all come in as transfer credit. For more information about Grace College’s other programs, check them out on the web at and think about 24 credits at NO tuition!