Genesis 14:1-24 Reaching Out With a Generous Heart

Last time we saw how God blessed Abraham’s generosity. Today we will see his heart in action and how God used it for a testimony!

The Problem: The uninformed choice Lot made for a home was based on beauty – but was a choice that led him to step into the conflict of the region, and it cost him his freedom (14:1-12).

1. The generous heart saw the need of another as more important than any plan he had already! Abraham heard about the troubles and immediately mobilized his assets to help (14:13-14).

2. The generous heart used every bit of creativity to help where help was needed! Abraham outsmarted the opposing army by doing the unexpected (14:15).

3. The generous heart was always focused on PEOPLE and their needs! Abraham was careful to bring everyone home (14:16-17).

4. The generous heart recognized the blessing of God when it came! Abraham offered a tithe of all he had in recognition to God’s goodness (14:18-20).

5. The generous heart was able to be a testimony by giving with no misunderstanding about his open intention to help without strings (14:21-24). Abraham offered everything back to the kings!

Are you prepared to see others needs, be creative, keep your focus on the people you desire to minister to, identify the blessing of God in your life and be careful to build a “stringless” testimony? God will use your generous heart!