Genesis 12:1-8 Five Steps to Blessing

  • Step One: “Get out of thy country”: Be ready for a “trust exchange”. God’s promises always come at the same price – Trade what you see for what you cannot, based solely on my Word! (12:1).
  • Step Two: “I will”: Understand the source of the blessing. All God’s promises are rooted in His Word to us – it is what we have to follow Him by! (12:2).
  • Step Three: “Bless them that bless thee”: Acknowledge the nature of His plan. God uses us to reach into the lives of others – our failures have broader consequences! (12:3).
  • Step Four: “As the Lord spoke”: Wear the mark of obedience. It is not brains, nor trust that are the mark of blessing – it is obedience! (12:4-5).
  • Step Five: “Lord appeared – built an altar”: Recognize the One who gives victory and blessing (12:6-8). Note that God was blessed when Abraham gave Him worship in the form of giving back to God his own things!