Finally, the Journey Begins

Life gets more and more complicated. I have had to make a real effort at trying to slow down and take stock in all that is happening. I broke my ankle in three places on April 5th, and still can’t walk after surgery and a series of fine looking casts and fancy footwear. The process has helped me to put in perspective some of what I am doing.

Maybe it would all make more sense if I introduced myself. I am a Pastor of a small and growing congregation in Sebring, Florida. I am also the International Director of Global Vision Outreach, Inc. – a small mission team at work in the Near East, Europe, Central America and Africa. As director, I am also the founder and director of the Great Commission Bible Institute in Sebring, an intense “Disciple making factory” in a dormitory style Bible school. We take up to a dozen students a year and take them through all 66 books of the Bible. I also own and operate a small travel company that takes groups on specific Bible related adventures – Christian Travel Study Programs. I have a wonderful wife (Dottie) and three incredible children: Rachel (22), Aaron (15) and Sara (14). Yes, the father of teens – what a joy!

I came to Sebring after serving the Lord in Israel for many years. I still visit at least once a year, and often much more, as I teach travel study programs. For two decades I have been teaching and traveling, and I have tried to find a place to keep all the information in all the little orbits of my life. Now I shall try to upload a bunch of it to my blog.

I intend this to be a place where I can put Bible articles, travel notes, family and leadership notes, and many other curious comments about my journey in service to my King. I am looking forward to getting to know new friends and keep old ones around the globe in touch. Here we go!