David and Mephibosheth: “Ten Keys to Deliberate Fathering”- 2 Samuel 9

Does God have a model for fathering? What are the priorities for this important work? What does God say he wants us to accomplish? Today is dad’s day to reflect on what God calls him to be and do! We will seek to see God’s hand in the life of a man that truly desires to honor the Lord!

The story of Mephibosheth is a wonderful story of God’s grace and salvation. He started life as a prince, but by age five he lost his inheritance through the sins of his grandfather. He ran from the palace and was crippled by a fall. He spent time in darkness, until the David ( a type of “Savior-King”)  came to restore his promised life as a result of a covenant with his father. This Savior-King loved and provided for him. He lived for awhile with the Savior-King missing from him and accusations about him were carried to that King. Yet, in time the Savior-King came and rescued him! What a picture of loving adopted fathering or mentoring! David’s love for Mephibosheth is the setting for our story this morning. It is the story of deliberate fathering.

Key Principle: When we look at God’s models of fatherhood, we glean key truths that can help us set the standard for dads!

Key One: Make a Conscious Choice to Parent (9:1-6).

Key Two: Express your Feelings of Love and Warmth (9:7a).

Key Three:  Give tools for a Meaningful Life of Accomplishment (9:7b).

Key Four:  Spend Time Sharing their Life (9:7b).

Key Five:  Engender, Teach and Accept Respect (9:8).

Key Six:  Speak Openly to Honor Your Child (9:9).

Key Seven:  Provide Companions and Tools for Success (9:10).

Key Eight:  Don’t Compete – Share your Provisions and Prestige with them (9:11).

Key Nine:  Celebrate Their Growth and Blessing (9:12).

Key Ten:  Look Beyond Their Limitations to Their Abilities (9:13).

God has a standard, and His models offer the key truths that can help identify the standard!