1 Samuel 16:14-23 "The Portrait Hall": High Contrast Kings

Can you tell if someone is walking with God? The truth is, yes! There is a marked difference in many areas of the life of an obedient believer from someone who is not. The hard ones to tell the difference in are the unbelievers and those who know God, but aren’t following Him. Today we will look at a “high contrast” portrait of two men.

Key Principle: The heart shows on the face and in the life. Some think they can hide in hypocrisy but, their disobedience will show!

How Disobedience Shows Itself:

  1. Loss of empowering to do God-given tasks – a deep sense of going through the motions (16:14a).
  2. Opening the door to demonic attacks that will tear you up (16:14b; James 1:13-15, 3:7-8; 1 Peter 5:8). Does God cause the attack? No, but ultimately the one in charge gets the blame (as in Pres. Bush and Abu Ghraib prison).
  3. Change in countenance – others CAN see it. (16:15a).
  4. Open to unbiblical solutions – pragmatic, temporary and sometimes anesthetizing (16:15b-17).

How Obedience Shows Itself:

  1. Discipline to Learn and Grow (16:18a).
  2. Reputation (Testimony) of Character and Stability (16:18b).
  3. Accomplished at Communication – Remember, God is relational; damaged emotionally are often very guarded (16:18b).
  4. Shows in Countenance (16:18b).
  5. Empowered to accomplish what God has called you to do (16:18b; John 15:7-11).
  6. Under authority – takes direction (16:19-20).
  7. Likeability – affable (16:21a).
  8. Often advanced to position of Likeability (16:22).
  9. Effective and helpful (16:23).

Remember, the heart shows on the face and in the life. Obedience in your heart to God makes an impression on your face and life that others will notice!