1 Samuel 11 "The Portrait Hall": The Rejoicing King

We all want victory in our lives. We want rejoicing and happiness. We want unity and powerful impact on our world. We don’t want to be a relic, but rather one that is used of God. Saul had his moments of victory and they will become our model this morning. How is victory achieved in our lives? How do we see the victory over the adversaries that haunt us? If we CAN win, how DO we win?

Key Principle: If we seek to lead, we must grow to be what God desires.

Four Observations about the Times: (11:1-4)

  1. It was set in a time of compromise by some of God’s people to God’s principles (11:1).
  1. It was a time the people learned of the ruthlessness of their enemy (11:2).
  1. It was a time of uncertainty and leadership instability (11:3).
  1. It was a time of prayer-less focus on human limitations (11:4).

Seven Characteristics of the leader with God’s Heart: (11:5-15). What does the leader look like?

  1. Big Ears: The leader was sensitive to the cry of the people (11:5).
  1. Big Muscles: The leader was empowered to reflect God’s heart for unity and commitment (11:6-7).
  1. Focused Eyes: The leader organized the answer to the problem (11:8-9,11).
  1. A Warm Smile: The leader inspired confidence and trust (11:10).
  1. A Small Head: The leader accepted that victory belonged to the Lord, and took no credit for it (11:12-13).
  1. A Sharp Salute: The leader followed the direction of God’s Word (11:14).
  1. A Hearty Laugh: The leader joined in the rejoicing with the others, and celebrated God’s victory! (11:15)

Key Principle: If we seek to lead, we must grow to be what God desires.