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  • Organizer WS

    Team Hack #3: Organizing Your Life

    Because my life includes a substantial amount of travel, I have learned some things about hotel rooms. I know that Orlando is still the best dollar for value city anywhere, with rooms in palatial buildings costing me $60-75 a night (thank the Lord for priceline …

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  • Preparation WS

    Team Hack #2: Preparing for You 2.0

    It may seem a bit self serving to have a blog talk about blogs. Yet, I truly believe that this hack will be particularly helpful to my students. Get your own domain and begin a blog that becomes the “digital YOU”. There are some several …

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  • Communication WS

    Team Hack #1: Communication requires some rules

     Email has turned out to be the greatest tool of communication in many team efforts that I know of. At the same time, most managers and leaders find that there are a number of hacks that new team members need to know in order to …

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  • Golf Lesson WS

    Leadership Lessons Distilled

    As I continue to round out this site with things that I want my students to understand about both the Scriptures and life, I thought it was time to add another category or channel to The Wandering Shepherd. I am calling this category of articles …

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