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  • Beethoven

    Flash Mob Beethoven makes me smile…

    I cannot believe this won’t help you smile, and recall words that in both the German and English versions end in praise to the God Who created all…

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  • Hebron Girls

    What is really at stake? A response to John Piper’s question: “Do Jews Have a Divine Right in the Promised Land?”

    Before I address Dr. Piper’s thought provoking article, let me introduce a problem that first became a reality for me in Bible College. I saw in the classroom of godly and seasoned professors a propensity to interpret the Bible to solve modern dilemmas in what …

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  • Pen And Paper WS1

    Tell Me What you would like more of!

    I am so blessed by how many people have been logging on to this site, and I have much more content to load, but I wonder if you could help me? Can you take a moment and offer a comment? What articles or areas do …

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  • Free WS

    Free website to listen to audio books!

    A friend recently told me about a place he goes to often on the web: site is a great place to listen to audio books! There is a vast collection of public domain literary works, read by volunteers. You can volunteer to read a …

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  • New2 WS

    New e-Magazine for Pastors opening in 2009!

    In just a few months we will be opening a new e-Magazine by Pastors for Pastors. The entire site will include resources to help Pastors work more effectively for the Kingdom. We are seeking contributing Pastors to aid us in the work. We need them …

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  • Bible WS

    Need Notes for a Bible Study?

    This blog is meant to help both my current students and anyone else interested in studying and teaching the Bible. If you need notes on a specific passage, send me message by commenting on an article, or by email and I will gladly post whatever …

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  • Desertpath WS

    Finally, the Journey Begins

    Life gets more and more complicated. I have had to make a real effort at trying to slow down and take stock in all that is happening. I broke my ankle in three places on April 5th, and still can’t walk after surgery and a …

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