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  • Making The Connection

    God on the Move: “Making Connection" – Acts 9-11; 1 Cor. 12

    It was fifty-two years ago this summer that President John F. Kennedy announced the launch of the Telstar Communications Satellite that connected in near “real time” the European continent to the USA by way of microwave signal. This was the first “instant wireless signal”, that …

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  • Hospital 1

    God on the Move: “Learning for the First Time, All over again!” – Acts 9

    When I walked into her room, I knew she was changed from the woman I had come to know over the years. The first sign was the missing smile from her face, and the second the lack of her unusually boisterous voice saying, “Well if …

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  • Interruption

    God on the Move: “We Interrupt this Program!” – Life of Paul (1)

    God doesn’t look at people the way we do, and that is a good thing. When we look at people, we are culturally trained to judge them, more or less, by a set of ingrained values, many of which we may not even be consciously …

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  • Chios WS

    Places in Acts – Chios – Acts 20:15

     The island of Chios (in the Aegean Sea) is only five miles (8 km.) off the western Turkish coast south of the island of Lesbos. The island measures near thirty kilometers in length (north to south), and varies between ten and twenty kilometers in width. It …

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  • DALE004

    Places in Acts – Cenchrea – Acts 18:18; Rom. 16:1

    Cenchrea was visited by Paul and his companions after nearly eighteen months of ministry in Corinth, during the Second Mission Journey. The city was a small port located more than two miles south of Isthmia and about six miles east of Corinth. It was constructed along …

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  • View South Wall From East WS

    Commentary: Acts 5

    Chapter Five Outline: I. Witness in Jerusalem (Acts 1-7) <A-J in Chapters One through Four> K. Ananias and Sapphira’s Lie (5:1-11) L. Acts from Above (5:12-16) M. Actions of Angry Leaders (5:17-42) Summary [Chapter 5]: The Messianic believers still worshipped in the courts of the …

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  • Funer3

    Places in Acts – Berea – Acts 17:10,13; 20:4

    My daughter (about ten years ago!) explored Berea with dad. Berea   Acts 17:10,13; 20:4   The city of Berea (modern Veria) was founded in the Archaic Period in the southwestern part of Macedonia, some 73 km west of Thessalonica. Ruins extend to 700 BCE …

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  • Places in Acts – Appolonia – Acts 17:1

    Paul and Silas passed through the small village of Apollonia on their way to Thessalonica, and may have lodged there. There is no evidence from Scripture that they preached or ministered there, as they seemed intent on moving directly to Thessalonica. The village of Apollonia in Macedonia was located …

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  • Acts3 WS

    Commentary: Acts 3 and 4

    Chapter Three and Four Outline: I. Witness in Jerusalem (Acts 1-7) <A-F in Chapters One and Two>  G. An Astounding Healing (3:1-11) H. Assembly at theTemple(3:12-26) I. Anxious Leaders ofJudea(4:1-22) J. Awesome Prayer and Power (4:23-37) Summary: The new “Messianics” were becoming known in Jerusalem, and …

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  • Places in Acts – Amphipolis – Acts 17:1

    Paul passed by the supply-city of Amphipolis on his Second Missionary journey on his way to Thessalonica from Philippi. Some scholars pose the possibility that Paul lodged overnight there as part of a three-stage journey from Philippi to Thessalonica, but the text is not specific on this point. …

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