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  • Leadershp2 WS

    Asking Leaders About Leadership

    If you want to know how to do something, ask the guy who does it everyday. I can try to learn how everything in my computer works, but it often pays to simply get the repair guy to look at it. He can do in minutes what I …

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  • Damascusgat WS

    Jerusalem: Gates of the Old City

    Here is another post of my “quick notes” on the site. As a guide, this is the essential information that I share… Herod’s Gate: Built in 1538-40 by Sulieman the Magnificent’s architects. Became a direct entry during the British Mandate, losing its “L” shape interior for …

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  • Church Of The Holy Sepulchre WS

    Jerusalem: The Via Dolorosa

    This post includes the opportunity to view a booklet I wrote a few years ago that is still for sale in the Old City of Jerusalem. I post it here for all who may want to visit the Old City of Jerusalem. It will act …

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  • Hiking WS

    Team Hack #9: Cardinal rules of motivation!

    Despite the many books that tell us otherwise, many team leaders and managers simply don’t believe the one simple truth about motivating people. People work hardest when they believe in the task they are doing, and believe the person they are doing it for believes …

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  • Wind1

    Five Observations on the Changing Wind.

    Featured Photo called “Northern Exposure” by Mark Henspeter, under Creative Commons license As a leader who mentors youth in their twenties, I have been feeling incredibly optimistic in recent years. For many young people in today’s church, the experience is changing from a decade ago. …

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  • Sevenchurchesmap WS

    Revelation 2 and 3: Bible Chart

    Teaching the subject of the letters to the seven churches is always rewarding. There are some teachers who believe they are a progressive list of stages the church has passed through over time. I think it is clear that we have always had some of …

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  • Mtofolives WS

    Matthew 5-7: Sermon on the Mount Notes

    Advertisers seek diligently for the slogan or jingle that will “buy some real estate in our minds”. They want to motivate us to buy their product by getting in our heads. Jesus wants a true disciple to understand that he bought the real estate of their heart, and …

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  • Broom WS

    Team Hack #8: Decrapify Your Team

    OK, I know I will get some static on this one. Pastors aren’t supposed to use any language that cannot be found on an old rerun of “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood”. If you give me a chance, I will explain my choice of title. It started …

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  • Password WS

    Team Hack #7: How to Make a Team Password System

    It seems like my life has a thousand passwords. Between bank pins and software passwords, how in the world can I keep them straight? What is worse, is that I work with people that put passwords on various accounts and computer software. How can we …

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  • Gospel Of John WS

    Gospel of John: Jesus On Jesus (2 Parts on DVD) available!

    The Gospel of John dealt with both the needs of the early Messianic followers of Jesus and the growing number of believers in Jesus that were joining from the pagan Gentile world. In this two part series, Dr. Smith explains the seven “I AM” sayings …

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