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  • Jordan River WS

    Baptism in the Time of Jesus

    One of the issues that seems to divide the church is the form of baptism. The practice stems from the Hebrew understanding from the period between Malachi and Matthew. Because the methods of baptism varied very early, it is important that we understand what the …

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  • Nazareth WS

    Growing up with Jesus in Nazareth

    One of the more fun subjects we deal with in the “Life of Jesus” and “Journey Through the Bible” study programs in Israel is that of “How Jesus grew up”. Standing in Nazareth a few months ago, we filmed a DVD that deals with that …

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  • Video Clip from Israel Trip DVD

    Our study programs in Israel are still the backbone of our teaching ministry for culture, history and geography background on the Bible. For a five minute video look at our Journey Through the Bible tour in February 2008, click on the link! If you …

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  • Mtsinai WS

    Exodus: How many people traveled to Mt. Sinai?

    Problems with understanding the Exodus account may be partly our own making. A foundational story of the Bible is the encounter of the children of Israel with their God at the “Mountain of the Law” (Exodus 19ff). Though the story is critical as a formational …

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  • Tabernacleark WS

    Understanding the Wilderness Tabernacle

    As many of you know, for about seven years, I directed a project to rebuild a full scale 1:1 replica of the Tabernacle of Moses in Israel. After thousands of visitors went through, we eventually had to shut it down due to the constant tensions …

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  • Randall Smith WS

    Randy's DVD Media List

    People keep writing in to ask for a new list of the media that is coming out. Naas and Marina LeRoux in South Africa have been producing our teaching materials ( for more than a decade. Shot in Bible lands, we continue to add new …

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  • Luggage Scale

    No Surprises at the Airport!

    Group Leaders, you may want to spend a little to save some time and embarrassment at the airport. A new little scale to weigh in luggage has come to the marketplace, and the little gadget can save you a backup at the counter. I don’t …

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  • Airplane WS

    Travel Cheaper to Europe in British Air sale!!

    British Airways just posted their new cheaper fares to Europe with $281 one way to two dozen European cities! If you want a quality flight at a cheaper price, go direct to their website an read the offer carefully. See if it works for your …

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  • Antiqitycenter WS

    Explorations in Antiquity Center

    My friends at Biblical Resources in Jerusalem have moved all of the former exhibit strengths they had in Jerusalem to the new “Explorations in Antiquity Center” in LaGrange, Georgia. No one interested in the cultural world of the Bible would want to miss the opportunity …

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  • Petra WS

    Obadiah: Reasons Why Nations Fail

    Edom (from the word for ground or red in Hebrew) was a red-colored mountainous region with rock carved cities (now in the Kingdom of Jordan), where camel caravan traffic brought delicacies from the east to the west. They had a mixed history we should remember …

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