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  • Cemet 2

    “Dying to Change” – Romans 6-8

    The first issue we explored from Paul’s letter to the Romans was the “meaning and message of the Gospel” – in Romans 1-5. In this lesson, I want to offer a reminder of Paul’s message about CHOICES and BEHAVIORS of those who are following God …

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  • Paid In Full Stamp

    Resurrection Sunday: “Paid In Full!” – Romans 1-5

    For thirty years they struggled in that little house on the corner. They raised five children in a house barely large enough for two. Its halls heard the daily squabbles of rambunctious children, the tussle of trying to get ready for school in one bathroom. …

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  • Rope7

    God on the Move: “The Divine Right” – The Epistle to the Romans

    What do you do when your life is falling apart? For some it can be the dreaded phone call that announced, “Sorry, the test came back positive, we are going to need to discuss options”. Perhaps yours was the announcement of a spouse, or the …

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  • Rome Colosseum WS

    Romans: Background Materials and Outline

    Romans Introduction and Background Introduction: An epistolary placed first as the preface to the rest of them in theological value, and because Acts ends with a journey of Paul to Rome. Authorship 1. 1:1 identifies Paul as author. Name mentioned only once. 2. Of tribe of …

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  • Romans WS

    Romans 11 Side Note: God is ever faithful! Take a look back!

    To Abraham’s sinful and impatient journey into Egypt, God offered a blessed promise to give him countless children. To Sarah’s faithless presentation of her handmaid to bare a child, God answered with children of both Hagar and Sarah – with Sarah in her old age! To Jacob’s deception …

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