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  • Despair

    Boot Camp: “What Went Wrong?” (Genesis 2:4-4:26, Part One)

    Mary met Joe at a Bible study group on campus. After a few dates, they could clearly see the Lord meant for them to spend their lives serving Him together. Joe had the desire to be a businessman that would serve Jesus and create wealth …

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  • Boot Camp

    Boot Camp: “Back to the Beginning” (Genesis 1:1-2:3)

    As a grandfather, I have been delighted to rediscover childhood, in some small way, as I watch one infant and one toddler learn the basics of navigating life. Some time back as a dad, I was busy so much of the time, I missed out …

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  • Genesis

    One Hour: One Book (Video) “Genesis”

    Teaching through the Bible in every chapter each year, our team has developed a single “One Hour: One Book” Video for each of the 66 books. Here is the one on Genesis.

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  • Torah1

    Big Picture: Trying to Explain the Torah in twenty minutes! (Video)

    One of the things I get the opportunity to do in the many hours of class through all 1189 chapters of the Bible is offer tiny windows into big subjects. This is one shot earlier this year…

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  • Josephandbros WS

    Genesis 44-50 Taking Responsibility – The Joseph Factor

    There are five specific “downstream pulls” of current against which we must pull if we are to make it upstream to the destination God has called us. The five currents are: past experiences, present life circumstances, people in our lives, personality (our own sinful nature) …

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  • 3stones WS

    Genesis 28:10-32:3 The Story of Jacob's Three Stones

    Overview: Like a great race, the journey of the patriarch Jacob from Canaan to Haran and back is marked by three stones: 1. The first stone (28:18), like a starting line of a great race. This stone in our reading is covered with oil and …

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  • Recipes2 WS

    Genesis 17:1-16 The Recipe for God's Blessing

    People everywhere seem to be needy and unfulfilled. Is there a formula for fulfillment and blessing in the Bible? The answer is YES! Consider Abraham’s story. With the birth of Ishmael, God again waited at least another thirteen years to move in and fulfill His …

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  • Abraham Hagar WS

    Genesis 16:1-16 Helping Out God

    Introduction: God made promises four times to Abraham, and then delayed in fulfilling them. Anxious to have her husband experience all that God had promised, Sarah steps in – and Abraham accepts her plan. Abraham had a full knowledge of the promises of God – …

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  • Callingofabram WS

    Genesis 15: When God Cut a Deal

    Introduction: God met Abraham a fourth time, and each time God added to the promises He made. Emptying Promise: The first meeting was in Genesis 12:1-3, when God told Abram to move out to a country God would show him, and that God would make …

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  • Reaching Out WS

    Genesis 14:1-24 Reaching Out With a Generous Heart

    Last time we saw how God blessed Abraham’s generosity. Today we will see his heart in action and how God used it for a testimony! The Problem: The uninformed choice Lot made for a home was based on beauty – but was a choice that …

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