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  • Grasping God's Purpose: ”The God that Will Be Known” – Exodus 7-12

    When we left off in our story in the Biblical account of the Exodus, we were standing on a hill overlooking the ancient cities of Pithom and Ramses in Egypt. We were watching a drama play out between three men. First in our scene was …

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  • Burning Bush WS

    The Making of a Leader: The Call of Moses

    Leadership seems to be the subject of much of the Biblical narrative surrounding Moses. The beginning of his leadership was shaped by his “call” to the place in history he was to fulfill. If you are interested in the process of becoming a leader, Watch …

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  • Levitical Family WS

    Who were priests and who were Levites?

    The Priest and Levites of the Tabernacle The operations of the Tabernacle (and later the Temple) were in the hands of one extended family as mandated in the Torah. Instructions for the Levitical and Priestly offices are outlined in the Book of Leviticus (Vayikra) as …

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  • Mtsinai WS

    Exodus: How many people traveled to Mt. Sinai?

    Problems with understanding the Exodus account may be partly our own making. A foundational story of the Bible is the encounter of the children of Israel with their God at the “Mountain of the Law” (Exodus 19ff). Though the story is critical as a formational …

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  • Tabernacleark WS

    Understanding the Wilderness Tabernacle

    As many of you know, for about seven years, I directed a project to rebuild a full scale 1:1 replica of the Tabernacle of Moses in Israel. After thousands of visitors went through, we eventually had to shut it down due to the constant tensions …

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  • Board Meeting WS

    Exodus 24 Learning the Value of the Community of Leaders

    Following the Amalekite war, Moses went through the painful but profitable experience of correction by Jethro, his father-in-law. Moses placed himself in a position of unrealistic expectation, trying to accomplish more than anyone could expect – a mistake common to driven leaders. The result was …

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  • Prayer WS

    Exodus 17:8-14 Learning the Power of Intercession

    Out of the story of the Amalekite attack in Exodus 17 came the first of seven great training lessons to the “Chief in the making” – Joshua. Moses faced a tough situation, and Joshua watched the solution unfold. He was able to pick out what …

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  • Priest At Altar Of Incense WS

    Exodus 30:34-38 The Incense of the Altar

    The four ingredients to the incense may be a clue to what kinds of prayers God recieves: Galbanum – which was a bitter gum resin and Rabbi Shelomo ben Yitschak comments on this passage that galbanum is bitter and was included in the incense as …

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  • Bread Loaf WS

    Exodus 15-17: The God Who Provides

    God sometimes shows Himself in the most unlikely places to make a simple point to His followers – there have never been “God-forsaken” places or people. The stage for this lesson in Scripture was set amidst a brewing conflict with the desert tribal people called …

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