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  • Pentecost WS

    Commentary: Acts 2

    Chapter Two Outline: I. Witness in Jerusalem(Acts 1-7) <A-C in Chapter One> D. Appearance of the Holy Spirit (2:1-13) E. Assembly with Peter (2:14-40) F. A New Fellowship (2:41-47) Summary [Chapter 2]: A short time later on the day of Pentecost, the disciples were together inJerusalempraying …

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  • Ascension By Copley WS

    Commentary: Acts 1

    Randy’s Bible Commentary Notes on Acts chapter one: Chapter One Outline: I. Witness in Jerusalem (Acts 1-7) A. Introduction (1:1-3) B. Ascension of Messiah (1:4-11) C. Appointment of Matthias (1:12-26) Summary [Chapter One]: This second letter written to Theophilus continues the story of the spread of …

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  • Map Acts

    Chart: Places In The Book of Acts

    This place list includes both the place names and the address in the Book of Acts that the place is mentioned. The chart forms an overview of the geography of the book, filled with the travels of Paul and co. Places in The Book of …

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  • Book Of Acts WS

    The Emphasis of the Book of Acts

    The Book of Acts is a complex letter. It appears that part of the letter was written to catalog the spread of the Gospel geographically to various people groups. Luke probably intended to offer evidence of the fulfillment Jesus’ promise before His Ascension from the …

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  • The Book Of Acts.JPG WS

    Understanding the Book of Acts (1)

    A student and former participant in one of the cruise programs we offer studying “The Life and Journeys of St. Paul” requested some of the materials that we hand out, so I am offering them in document files. I normally post in pdfs, but I …

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  • Authentic WS

    Acts 2:37-47 The Measure of An Authentic Fellowship

    In the 1990’s an author wrote in Stop Dating the Church: “We live an increasingly fragmented world. That mindset has infected the way we approach our relationship with God. Faith is (now) a solo pursuit. These days experts describe America as a nation of “believers” …

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  • Stop Watch WS

    Acts 2:1-36 Three "Timing Principles" of God's Empowering

    What does God use to empower people today in their walk with Him? How can we know God’s power and use it for His glory? Our second part in a series on the Book of Acts will uncover the principles of God’s empowering work for …

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  • Questions WS

    Acts 1: Questions to Pose before following a New Leader

    Religious leaders often claim they are following God’s leading. How can we know? How does God lead people today? How can we know it isn’t just the manipulation of some leaders, or the misguided sense of some group that we may follow? As we begin …

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