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  • Hysterical Strength

    God on the Move: “Power Lifting” – 2 Thessalonians

    Every now and then, you may hear of a report of what researchers have termed “hysterical strength.” This is displayed when an act of what appears to be “superhuman” strength is demonstrated by someone who appears otherwise “normal.” It usually occurs during a rescue of …

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  • Dizzy

    One Hour – One Book: “The Second Letter to the Thessalonians”

    Beat up, confused and discouraged – these were the early believers of Thessalonica that Paul wrote. Here are some STUDENT NOTES that may help you study the letter more effectively. The church barely got started, and was swamped with persecutors and problems – they needed …

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  • Bible 2WS

    1 and 2 Thessalonians: Book Chart

    Sometimes a helpful way to study a book is to make a chart that shows the contents in a simple, one-page format. People ask me how I remember so many details about the Word and I laugh. The trick is keeping is all on one …

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