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  • Video Clip from Israel Trip DVD

    Our study programs in Israel are still the backbone of our teaching ministry for culture, history and geography background on the Bible. For a five minute video look at our Journey Through the Bible tour in February 2008, click on the link! If you …

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  • ReadingFinePrint WS

    1 Kings 9 (1): Read The Fine Print!

    “But YOU PROMISED!” she said from the back seat of the car. Every parent has heard it before! In every agreement there are the claims and promises. In some there is the “fine print”; you know, the part that is so small you need a magnifying glass …

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  • Bible WS

    Need Notes for a Bible Study?

    This blog is meant to help both my current students and anyone else interested in studying and teaching the Bible. If you need notes on a specific passage, send me message by commenting on an article, or by email and I will gladly post whatever …

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  • Bellyflop WS

    1 Kings 9 (2): The Belly Flop of Compromise

    Elegantly poised on the edge of the rippling water, the scene was a familiar summer fun selection. Would the next move be a smooth and sleek dive in with barely a ripple to follow? Would he take a few dramatic steps away from the water and jump …

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  • Father And Son

    1 Thessalonians 2: Ten Qualities of Godly Parenting

    The Bible is filled with practical words for dads that struggle! Children are not unlike wet cement, that will conform in part to the mold they are formed in. Dads provide some unique positive qualities that can be helpful in raising godly children and grandchildren.  …

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  • Bible 2WS

    1 and 2 Thessalonians: Book Chart

    Sometimes a helpful way to study a book is to make a chart that shows the contents in a simple, one-page format. People ask me how I remember so many details about the Word and I laugh. The trick is keeping is all on one …

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  • Levitical Family WS

    Who were priests and who were Levites?

    The Priest and Levites of the Tabernacle The operations of the Tabernacle (and later the Temple) were in the hands of one extended family as mandated in the Torah. Instructions for the Levitical and Priestly offices are outlined in the Book of Leviticus (Vayikra) as …

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  • Mtsinai WS

    Exodus: How many people traveled to Mt. Sinai?

    Problems with understanding the Exodus account may be partly our own making. A foundational story of the Bible is the encounter of the children of Israel with their God at the “Mountain of the Law” (Exodus 19ff). Though the story is critical as a formational …

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  • Tabernacleark WS

    Understanding the Wilderness Tabernacle

    As many of you know, for about seven years, I directed a project to rebuild a full scale 1:1 replica of the Tabernacle of Moses in Israel. After thousands of visitors went through, we eventually had to shut it down due to the constant tensions …

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  • Randall Smith WS

    Randy's DVD Media List

    People keep writing in to ask for a new list of the media that is coming out. Naas and Marina LeRoux in South Africa have been producing our teaching materials ( for more than a decade. Shot in Bible lands, we continue to add new …

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