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  • Bethany WS

    Bethany (El-Azariyeh) Guide Notes

    Matthew 21:17; 26:6; Mark 11:1,11,12; 14:3; Luke 10:38-42; 19:29;24:50; John 11:1,18; 12:1 Bethany (probably from “house of the poor or afflicted”) was a village was on the Mount of Olives about two miles southeast of Jerusalem on the way to Jericho.  The village was re-settled …

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  • Damascusgat WS

    Jerusalem: Gates of the Old City

    Here is another post of my “quick notes” on the site. As a guide, this is the essential information that I share… Herod’s Gate: Built in 1538-40 by Sulieman the Magnificent’s architects. Became a direct entry during the British Mandate, losing its “L” shape interior for …

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  • Church Of The Holy Sepulchre WS

    Jerusalem: The Via Dolorosa

    This post includes the opportunity to view a booklet I wrote a few years ago that is still for sale in the Old City of Jerusalem. I post it here for all who may want to visit the Old City of Jerusalem. It will act …

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  • Sevenchurchesmap WS

    Revelation 2 and 3: Bible Chart

    Teaching the subject of the letters to the seven churches is always rewarding. There are some teachers who believe they are a progressive list of stages the church has passed through over time. I think it is clear that we have always had some of …

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  • Gospel Of John WS

    Gospel of John: Jesus On Jesus (2 Parts on DVD) available!

    The Gospel of John dealt with both the needs of the early Messianic followers of Jesus and the growing number of believers in Jesus that were joining from the pagan Gentile world. In this two part series, Dr. Smith explains the seven “I AM” sayings …

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  • Picasa Icon WS

    Team Hack #6: Free Software (2) Organizing Pictures

    I have a gazillion digital pictures. Each trip i ask my students to send me their pictures, so I get a trip times thirteen or fourteen = photo memory overload. Whether it is for a team project (producing a newsletter, webpage) or just a photo …

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  • Shepherdandsheep WS1

    Psalm 23: Shepherd and Sheep DVD Available Now!

    The most popular DVD we have ever made was shot in the hills overlooking Bethlehem among the sheep. This study of Psalm 23 is an exposition and explanation of this important and popular passage. If you are interested in getting a copy (US), email me. …

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  • Organizer WS

    Team Hack #3: Organizing Your Life

    Because my life includes a substantial amount of travel, I have learned some things about hotel rooms. I know that Orlando is still the best dollar for value city anywhere, with rooms in palatial buildings costing me $60-75 a night (thank the Lord for priceline …

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  • Wilderness Tabernacle Israel WS

    Tabernacle DVD Series (4 Parts)

    Though the Tabernacle attraction is closed, the series shot on location in the Judean Desert is better than ever. Materials on the Law of Moses, the Priesthood, Law and Grace and much more is available in this series. Tabernacle Part 1 Tabernacle Part 2 …

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  • Burning Bush WS

    The Making of a Leader: The Call of Moses

    Leadership seems to be the subject of much of the Biblical narrative surrounding Moses. The beginning of his leadership was shaped by his “call” to the place in history he was to fulfill. If you are interested in the process of becoming a leader, Watch …

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