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  • Map Acts

    Chart: Places In The Book of Acts

    This place list includes both the place names and the address in the Book of Acts that the place is mentioned. The chart forms an overview of the geography of the book, filled with the travels of Paul and co. Places in The Book of …

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  • Paul WS

    Detailed Life of Paul Chart

    I posted the summary chart on the stages in Paul’s life, but here is a much more detailed treatment that I use touring the Bible lands: Students have found this very helpful as it takes the journeys of Paul and puts all the ports of …

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  • Free2 WS

    Team Hacker #11: My Favorite 7 Free Software Picks every team needs!

    My all time favorite free items include software I have mentioned before, and thousands of others have mentioned. Why list again? Because I keep getting asked for my short list pics: 1. Instead of Microsoft Office, there is a completely compatible FREE version at that works exactly …

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  • Book Of Acts WS

    The Emphasis of the Book of Acts

    The Book of Acts is a complex letter. It appears that part of the letter was written to catalog the spread of the Gospel geographically to various people groups. Luke probably intended to offer evidence of the fulfillment Jesus’ promise before His Ascension from the …

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  • St. Paul Statue WS

    Chart: Six Stages in the Life of Paul

    The  document below  is a file that overviews Paul’s life. I use it with students to walk quickly through his life – especially when I am on tour in Turkey, Greece, Cyprus and Italy. The document is my own creation, and I have found single …

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  • The Book Of Acts.JPG WS

    Understanding the Book of Acts (1)

    A student and former participant in one of the cruise programs we offer studying “The Life and Journeys of St. Paul” requested some of the materials that we hand out, so I am offering them in document files. I normally post in pdfs, but I …

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  • New2 WS

    New e-Magazine for Pastors opening in 2009!

    In just a few months we will be opening a new e-Magazine by Pastors for Pastors. The entire site will include resources to help Pastors work more effectively for the Kingdom. We are seeking contributing Pastors to aid us in the work. We need them …

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  • Danger WS

    Team Hack #10: Four Danger Zones of Team Leaders

    Every team has struggles synchronizing to each other and learning to be consistently effective in producing predictable and desired outcomes. It isn’t always smooth sailing, but we need not be hung up on the rocks of the shallows either. The first step to avoiding the …

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  • Bethpage (Bethphage) Essential Guide Notes

    Bethpage (Bethphage) Matthew 21:1;Mark 11:1;Luke 19:29 Bethpage (lit. “house of green figs” in Aramaic), is a village atop a spur on the southern section of the Mount of Olives chain. Due south east of the peak of the Ascension church memorials (there are three today), …

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  • Bethany WS

    Bethany (El-Azariyeh) Guide Notes

    Matthew 21:17; 26:6; Mark 11:1,11,12; 14:3; Luke 10:38-42; 19:29;24:50; John 11:1,18; 12:1 Bethany (probably from “house of the poor or afflicted”) was a village was on the Mount of Olives about two miles southeast of Jerusalem on the way to Jericho.  The village was re-settled …

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